T0018 - Rose Quartz Small Beauty Roller

T0018 - Rose Quartz Small Beauty Roller

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Key benefits of massaging your face with a beauty roller: 


Improves blood circulation in the face which can make your skin look brighter and feel firmer. 


Helps with stuffy sinuses. Trusted source suggest using the tool can help clear sinuses.  


Decreases eye puffiness by rolling around the hard-to-handle spot under eye bags by stimulating lymphatic drainage. 


Cools and soothes your skin by storing your roller in the refrigerator or use a naturally cold stone like jade, it’ll cool the skin on contact. This can quickly de-puff your skin and tighten pores. 


Distributes skincare product with an oil or moisturizer to help the tool glide across your skin, this process can deliver product deeper into your skin.


Contour the face by draining fluid from the face, which can help to contour your face temporarily. The best way to use the tool for draining and contouring is to roll up at an angle and then push the roller downward by the ear. The process helps direct excess fluid to the lymph nodes. 


Toxins can be flushed from the body as the massage stimulates lymphatic drainage and can be detoxifying for the body.