P0104 - Fluorite Nine-Tailed Fox Pendant
P0104 - Fluorite Nine-Tailed Fox Pendant

P0104 - Fluorite Nine-Tailed Fox Pendant

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Height 31mm X width 30mm X thickness 8.8m.

The Nine-tailed Fox pendant symbolizes powerful means to promote relationship and marriage luck in feng shui.  Wearing these elegant charms with you at all times will enhance your love luck. It’s very suitable for people that's fall in love because these charms can also generate romance luck. For those who are still single, this love charm will help you attract a loyal and loving partner, who will stay with you for life. All married and couples should carry a type of crystal Nine-tailed fox charms at all times for protection against any third-party interference and ensure your marriage and relationship stays enduring. The Nine-tailed Fox pendant also symbolize and bring good fortune, luck and opportunity


The Fluorite crystal stone meaning combines peace, positivity and heart-opening vibrations into one powerfully effective energy tool. Connecting with this stone allows you to let your dreams run wild and let your spirit run free, setting you up for success in manifesting your dreams and making your wishes come true. 

Fluorite crystal guides you to make big wishes and pursue your boldest aspirations. The stone puts you in touch with your heart’s deepest desires and encourages you to expand your mind and imagination so you can turn your dreams into reality.