How Cinnabar ward off evil (Yin)

Cinnabar is a material of extreme Yang in Chinese medication and Taoism. It has the function of balancing the aura of Yin and Yang. Someone with a balance Yin and Yang will be able live leisurely, healthy, content and a longevity life. Moreover, Chinese medicine has long discovered that Cinnabar has special sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant effects. Therefore, in the prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, Cinnabar is the first choice to treat such diseases. That’s why many people will use Cinnabar to "shield evil”, increase the present of Yang and bring balance to their household.

 Usage of Cinnabar in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Cinnabar is collected from the mineral veins exposed to the essence of the sun and the moon. As Cinnabar absorbs the positive energy of the heaven and the earth, it has a strong magnetic field. Unlike jade and dzi bead which feels cold, Cinnabar is warm when held in the palm of the hand, which means that Cinnabar has magnetic field with extremely strong Yang energy. Taoism and Buddhist uses Cinnabar for cleansing, ward off and suppress evil. Cinnabar has always been regarded it as the supreme product for good luck, ward off evil and those seeking for good fortune. Mining of Cinnabar is extremely difficult, and it is even more difficult to refine it into pure ore. Therefore, the casting of solid statues is even more superior. Cinnabar display, charms or accessories in our home or offices can evade Yin, brings good luck, and build wealth for the owner.


朱砂能辟邪是因为邪生于阴、存于阴、发于阴,人受于阴则会阴阳失去平衡,就会存阴、受阴、生邪,不能正道。而朱砂在中医、道教中称之为极阳之物,具有平衡阴阳气场之功能,人需阴阳平衡才能得以健康长寿、悠闲自得。且我国中医很早就发现, 朱砂有特殊的镇静、催眠、抗惊厥的作用。所以, 在传统中医药的方剂中, 医治这类疾病, 首选的药物就是朱砂。这应该就是民间用朱砂 “辟邪” 的缘由所在。


在风水学中,朱砂是经由日月精华的矿脉中采集,因吸收天地之正气,所以带有极强的磁场。不同于玉石、天珠握在手里是冰凉的感觉,握在手心里是温暖的,也就是说朱砂是带有极强阳气的磁场,凡道家、仙佛用于开光、辟邪、镇煞等都非用朱砂不可,世人一直将其当成是开运、镇煞、祈福纳财的上上之极品。由于朱砂属于六晶系矿脉, 采集过程极为不易, 提炼成纯矿更是困难重重, 因而铸炼成立体佛像则更属上乘极品, 因此朱砂饰品是镇宅、避煞、开运、祈福纳财的吉祥物之一。